business model of ‘macbook her’ – what is business model?


A business model is a term used to describe a profit-producing system that has an important degree of independence from the other systems within an enterprise. The term is widely used for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions of the purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes and policies.

business model

business model



Core Capabilities: (adapting capabilities of make up kit, DNA analyzer, and GPS as well)

• Quality ( Apple has undisputed leader in quality and innovation within the sector)

• Width of the product range

• Design expertise

Business Partners: (having a combining between original business partners and new partners)

• Electronic raw material vendors

• Make-up companies such as cover girl, anna sui, maybelline, l’oreal, MAC, stila, and et cetera


anna sui make-up

anna sui make-up



• Fragrance company 

• Internet provider companies

• Electronic stores and sales outsourcing companies


h&m online store

h&m online store


• Event organizers


Activity Configuration:


What value proposition do you offer, to which customer segments? (Substitute unisex target market to women target market)





How do we reach our customer? (Magnify distribution channel numbers, magnify sales force number)


Our customer won’t only be limited to working women and students but it the customer will also get magnify in to advertisers who wanted to promote their product on the shopping directory and store owners who needed the product to ease their customer.


How do we build relationship customers? (put in other use website as two-way communication media), (put in other use customer data base as communication source to send cards)



We will also improve our customer relationship model by continuosly update our customer database. therefore, we can send customer’s birthday cards and other notification to maintain close relationship with them.





How do we spend money? (Eliminate un-necessary spending)


 Significant increase in cost structure are mainly caused by extensive promotional strategy for this product, however we can consider that as an investment knowing that it could help us build our brand among societies!

How do we earn money? (magnify price), (reverse expenses on additional feature as income from additional value and upgrades)


With this new model, our income stream won’t only limited to income from product buyers! The improved SCAMPER business model will also allow us to generate tons of income from advertisers 🙂


mac book her.



what is scamper? scamper is the method to develop new ideas and innovation to the product that existed. our group choose the Apple Mac Book as the product-to-be-scampered.

apple mac book

apple mac book

scamper stands for substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put into other use, eliminate and rearrange.

here, our group try to develop ‘mac book her’. illustrated by it’s name, this new type of mac book is targeted for women (especially the working ones). the product will be describe below:


Indicator lamp can be substitute using LED lamp to save 4 times less energy (in terms of use of watt)

Iron material substitutes with similar-with-plastic material (but environmental friendly) for a lighter weight

Original LCD substitutes with touch-screen LCD, with error correction QWERTY keyboard


Combine LCD monitor with mirror, to provide women-on-the-go the ease to check their appearance

Combine build-in iSight with eye retina detector to check weight, blood rate, fat rate, cardio, pregnancy test, and heart rate.

Combine with little make-up kit consist of oil-blotting paper, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow. Each make up will show one by one by clicking ‘make-up kit’ button on the LCD touch screen.

Combine the processor with GPS with shopping directory so by clicking a button the top of the laptop the touch screen will show shopping directory which can let us know a map to certain store, the newest apparel and house utilities trends, and their prices and most importantly, SALE items.

Combine charger with solar panel so we can mix with solar energy to minimize usage of electricity.


mac book her concept design

mac book her concept design


We adapt the function of make-up case, function of DNA detector, and shopping directory using GPS so we turn the whole function to assess the needs of busy women who still needs to look good and take care of them selves (while making their way to the top).


Modify body to be flexible so that Mac Book can be folded and put in our bag just like a pocket notebook.

Magnify the usage into shopping directory, make up case, and DNA detector.

Minify the size to 11 inch and can be folded to ¼ of it size.

Modify color. Totally changeable, to suits everyday wardrobe change.

Modify the the notebook to be able to produce smell (customizable, for example I could modify my mac book her to smell like ‘clinique happy’ or other kind of smell)

put into other use.

We can use the Mac Book as a short-cut for business woman who has limited time on their busy schedule to still look their best for business deals, meeting, event, etc. We can also use this new Mac Book as fashion directory on shopping malls, department store, and boutique. Clothing companies can also use the new feature as their advertising media to attract customer.


We will eliminate all iron material on the body of the mac book to reduce weight, and to avoid waste which can not be recycled.

Eliminate clicker.

Eliminate all un-necessary light


If we use the Mac Book in reverse, we can use it as a fully-function 12 mega pixel digital camera.

ITB implement Ivory Tower philosophy to reach the truth and knowledge for moral development. Also copy the similar idea of Science Park that Stanford University had. ITB implement and adapt what MIT and Stanford did to make the organization groth as Ideal organization. Many research centers has built in ITB follow by Business Incubator Center so the lecturers can built company like in Stanford.

ITB Library Building

ITB Library Building

Almost all of Universities in leave the Ivory Philosophy and try to follow Stanford University in building the incubators inside. They make synergy between Academic Science and Corporate Science. It is like merge ring the professor and entrepreneur skills. It can be seen that Stanford and MIT produces many entrepreneurs with Nobel gift. ITB implement this strategy but still have the moral and intellectual power. ITB want to adapt organization design with vision and mission include the networking in human culture, while they’re leaving the Ivory philosophy.

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

There are many factors in character building of university like technology development not looking the market condition and as conservative institute; it won’t take a risk especially for the NEW thing like SBM that hasn’t related to technology. For those, there are factors to protect, Laboratories, Business and Management knowledge and Entrepreneurship. It will help innovation technology. SBM as business incubator focus on business process and open the potential for development.

SBM-ITB at night

SBM-ITB at night

SBM had e-learning. It means student can know the assignment, time table and calendar event. Also, student can submit the assignment. SBM implement technology learning. Many subjects requires the assignment by email or blog. Like this subject, Creativity and Innovation. Besides it makes easy the process, automatically students know more about technology and many things. I think this concept is very useful and effective.

SBM ITB Auditorium

SBM ITB Auditorium

In addition, it reduces use of paper to prevent the global warming!!

yummy but, NO! The world is hot enough now.

yummy but, NO! The world is hot enough now.

Creativity is everywhere. And i meant it. Just open your eyes slightly wider and you should see, how such a simple thing such as a shampoo bottle contains whole loads of creativity (and innovation) in it (just look at the new design ‘clairol herbal essence’ shampoo and you’ll understand). Therefore, creativity could be put everywhere and that means in kostan’s (it is some kind of dorm) room too.

For me, kostan is like my second home, it is my home away from home for approximately a three-whole-good years. The room should be able to provide hibernating process (which I usually do at least once a month) and safe sanctuary from outside stress (college stress!).

For me, kostan is like my second home, it is my home away from home for approximately a three-whole-good years. The room should be able to provide hibernating process (which I usually do at least once a month) and safe sanctuary from outside stress (college stress!). My abode should be a place where I could watch great movie or curl up with a good book.

Although like all the things in life, there are a few snags to creating the perfect oasis of collegiate bliss. That’s why we use creativity people! (unfortunately, I still have to use my brain to do this thing even though it’s loaded up already with assignments and stuff).

Like most college students, I’m not made of money, subsequently I have to find inexpensive items at hypermarket (such as Carrefour) or traditional market (Pasar Baru or Balubur). And also don’t forget to find a way to to bring the big stuff (like tables or something even bigger than that) to the kostan.

Room decorating can be daunting, but it can also be a lot of fun, much like the first year of college. I can’t help you study for a chemistry or finance mid-term, but I can offer some suggestions for making your room a comfortable, stylish place. Oh yeah, this project is not yet instigate but I plan to finished it before the final exam.

Bed, Bed, Bed.

First thing first, place to sleep. My bed doubles as computer chair, couch, study area, dining table and et cetera. In addition, it is the largest piece of furniture in my kostan room. So it is crucial to pick comforter that reflects ‘your style’ (hahaha) and wont immediately show the dirt (and once-a-month-red-stain for girls)

Finding a comforter you like will also help determine the color scheme for the rest of the room. Will it be romantic pastels? Classic school colors? Vibrant floral patterns? Basic black and white?

Reversible, solid colored comforters are a good choice, because they offer twice as many design options and can be dressed up with lots of fluffy throw pillows, but patterns like leopard prints (go animal print!) or stars are fun, too.

Think Storage

Space is tight in most kostan’s room, so maximizing storage is a must. Here’s how:

• Raise the bed with cement blocks (or whatever it is that is sturdy enough to support you and the bed) to make space for extra clothes, books, laundry, luggage, or whatever else under the bed.
• Stack plastic crates in your closet, under your bed, or next to your desk. They are cheap and come in a variety of colours. An alternative to plastic crates is a wire storage system, which lets you assemble your own crates and dismantle or reorganize them later. Or buy some decorative hat boxes in varying sizes for extra storage.

• Buy closet organizers for shoes, skirts, accessories, or makeup to ensure that you will always be able to find those cute black sandals or that peach lip gloss when you need them.

• Invest in some cheap plastic hooks. Stick them to your closet door to hold a bathrobe or jacket, or find a metal towel holder for the back of your door.

The Wall = Canvas

Once you have the basics, it’s time to go crazy decorating the walls. Well, not too crazy. Check the kostan’s rules before painting, punching holes, or even using tape on the walls (lucky in my kostan mang oleh allow me to hole the wall or do whatever the things I want in my room). Or you can buy special poster adhesive at the book stores (it is called tack, I bought it in gramedia) to customize your room and avoid paying a fee for chipped paint.

Posters are the most common way to decorate, and I could found some posters at piggir jalan where you can snag some highly unusual and inexpensive finds. But posters are not the only way to go. Here are some other ideas to adorn your walls:

• Colored chalk will easily wash off most surfaces. Or use butcher paper and colored pencils. Unleash your inner artist and draw a new mural or work of art once a month or whenever you feel inspired.

• Frames are essential for holding photos of home or new friends at college. Buy them almost anywhere or create your own with a cardboard matte and glitter, buttons, feathers, beads, or any other decorative knickknacks. Or you could use funky memo holders to display favorite photos on your desk or bureau.

• Memo boards can hold a whole bunch of pictures, ticket stubs, or magazine cut-outs. Or you can use stereofoam too (but it falls of easily so becareful!)
• A laundry line is a great alternative for you to string up pictures or ticket stubs on the wall or across the room us. Or polaroid pictures for cooler effects. (Like the 347 distro wall)
• White boards on your door or in your room are handy for communicating with friends and roommates and making notes to yourself. You could keep track of your busy schedule while keeping your room great looking!
• Lights are fashionable and functional. A desk lamp for late-night studying is a necessity, but adding mini-lights strung across the room can create a more personal atmosphere (I got this idea from my friend, sandra, room) White lights will complement any décor, or choose colored lights that usually use for christmast tree.

So you get the idea. There are oodles of ways to transform your plain Jane kostan room into a vibrant reflection of your style and personality. All it takes is a few ‘lembaran 50,000’ and a little creativity. If only Corporate Finance were that simple. Below are some pictures of my room before the make over.


the desk

my messy desk
my messy desk

the shelve, should have help me to be more organize, but it’s the opposite.


the whatever it is.


The ‘after’ pictures will be upload later on.

I wish I had time to make a few of these. Wouldn’t these be cute to use on my next trip to the grocery store? People would probably laugh me out of the store especially with the condition of my old tees. That is a scary thought.

Oh yes, I can see my fave-dark brown-live-lightly-t’s next carnation. Yes, Live Lightly Tour shirt you have been a blessed soulful T shirt. You shall live on. You will help me save plastic bags from strangling Mother Earth.

Turning an old T-shirt into a reusable shopping or grocery bag is a simple, clever craft to help everyone be “green.” It’s a Good Thing that will help protect the environment.
Tools and Materials:

  • Heavy-weight cotton T-shirt

  • Pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Medium-size bowl

  • Water-erasable marking pen

  • Scissors

The How-to:

  1. Turn T-shirt inside out and pin bottom of the T-shirt along the hem. Using a sewing machine, sew bottom of T-shirt closed. Flip shirt right side out and lay flat on table, making sure all seams are lined up.
  2. Place medium-size bowl about half-way over the neck hole. Using a water-erasable marking pen, trace along the edge of the bowl. Cut along the outline, making sure to go through the front and back sides of the shirt, in order to create an opening for the bag that’s larger than what the neck hole allows.
  3. Line up the hems on the front and back side of the sleeve and cut, making sure to go through both sides of the shirt. Repeat on the other sleeve. Tip: A jersey shirt would also work well for this craft, as it is already sleeveless, and it’s made of a great mesh material.

Here’s the thing about Indonesian culture. Once some kind of lifestyle becomes a Hit, it does really Hit. Big time, that is. Really positive, from a certain angle and destructive, when you see it from another angle.

About a month ago, we were strolling through Pondok Indah Mall on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Just like Newton’s law of attraction, when the rain hits the city, here in Jakarta, people rush into the malls. So, that Sunday, PIM is really packed. Walking around searching for a place to eat, we start to notice a frequent occurrences: everybody wears Batik!

So we’re gonna cut the slack and present to you our 3rd creativity project; Batik for Charity.

This project is what we did about 2 weeks before Hari Raya, which in our opinion will possibly create a big demand for moslem and traditional clothing to wear to other family and colleagues’ crib. Silaturahmi or fashion show baju muslim one of our member’s mom (who is a Batik producer and designer) likes to call it or at least to spend their THR money to shop for clothes. The idea is to create a few modern and different than the other Batik fabricated clothes and turn it into cute designs to wear in the Hari Raya or other events. The marketing team is one of our member’s mom, cause she’s a born-marketer and she has a few loyal customer from her boutique. The production team was her employees (Sorry for the lack of motives here, nepotism) and the designer is us! The profit of the sales will 50% goes to the employee and 35% to charity (panti asuhan), while the remaining 15% goes to our own THR hee-hee 😀

Here are some clothes design that wehave come up with, if you like to order pleaseee do contact us! Danke.

“When Developing Creativity of Others Felt very Meaningful”

During the last couple of classes before we have our Idul Fitri holiday, we learn that creativity in the highest stage doesn’t always means that we ourselves implement it on our daily life, but it also means that we are able to generate the creativity of others. After finishing those classes, our teams tried to generate ideas for our creativity and innovation project which will be perform by us during the holiday.

We realize that it will be great if we can help other people develop their creativity using our project. Therefore, we will implement creativity by doing the project but we will also help others to expand their imagination. It was the month of Ramadan so we thought about doing a social project and since all of us love children, we decided to do social projects for unfortunate children in rural area.

We chose Ciwidey and Satoe Indonesia’s Rumah Pintar as our project location and our project is called “Menjadi Pintar dan Kreatif dengan Buku”. What we do is basically collecting books from our home which we are willing to give for these children. The type of books are fun learning educational books about science and art where there are a lot of educational information delivered in attractive pictures so that children will be attracted to learn using it. We also gave books about how to create paintings, stuffs from recycle paper, and even how to create magic tricks. We hope that these books can help those children to explore their imagination and creativity with tons of fun surrounding the process.

We went to Ciwidey a week before the school started and as soon as we put the books in Rumah Pintar, all of the children were so excited to read and learn from it. We even read a couple of books for them. What we really learn about this whole experience is that by emerging the creativity of others (especially unfortunate people), we do not only make them happy and grow but we can also feel a “touchy feeling” which for us was very precious and meaningful. We would certainly love to do this kind of project in the future and we could not wait to start our next project on selling our hand-made remake accessories and because of this project we were thinking about giving away all of the revenue for child-related charity.