macbook her: business model.


business model of ‘macbook her’ – what is business model?


A business model is a term used to describe a profit-producing system that has an important degree of independence from the other systems within an enterprise. The term is widely used for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions of the purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes and policies.

business model

business model



Core Capabilities: (adapting capabilities of make up kit, DNA analyzer, and GPS as well)

• Quality ( Apple has undisputed leader in quality and innovation within the sector)

• Width of the product range

• Design expertise

Business Partners: (having a combining between original business partners and new partners)

• Electronic raw material vendors

• Make-up companies such as cover girl, anna sui, maybelline, l’oreal, MAC, stila, and et cetera


anna sui make-up

anna sui make-up



• Fragrance company 

• Internet provider companies

• Electronic stores and sales outsourcing companies


h&m online store

h&m online store


• Event organizers


Activity Configuration:


What value proposition do you offer, to which customer segments? (Substitute unisex target market to women target market)





How do we reach our customer? (Magnify distribution channel numbers, magnify sales force number)


Our customer won’t only be limited to working women and students but it the customer will also get magnify in to advertisers who wanted to promote their product on the shopping directory and store owners who needed the product to ease their customer.


How do we build relationship customers? (put in other use website as two-way communication media), (put in other use customer data base as communication source to send cards)



We will also improve our customer relationship model by continuosly update our customer database. therefore, we can send customer’s birthday cards and other notification to maintain close relationship with them.





How do we spend money? (Eliminate un-necessary spending)


 Significant increase in cost structure are mainly caused by extensive promotional strategy for this product, however we can consider that as an investment knowing that it could help us build our brand among societies!

How do we earn money? (magnify price), (reverse expenses on additional feature as income from additional value and upgrades)


With this new model, our income stream won’t only limited to income from product buyers! The improved SCAMPER business model will also allow us to generate tons of income from advertisers 🙂


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  1. birthday cards that are personlized are the best in my opinion, they really come from the bottom of the heart of the sender~,”

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