project #5: kostan’s room make over.


Creativity is everywhere. And i meant it. Just open your eyes slightly wider and you should see, how such a simple thing such as a shampoo bottle contains whole loads of creativity (and innovation) in it (just look at the new design ‘clairol herbal essence’ shampoo and you’ll understand). Therefore, creativity could be put everywhere and that means in kostan’s (it is some kind of dorm) room too.

For me, kostan is like my second home, it is my home away from home for approximately a three-whole-good years. The room should be able to provide hibernating process (which I usually do at least once a month) and safe sanctuary from outside stress (college stress!).

For me, kostan is like my second home, it is my home away from home for approximately a three-whole-good years. The room should be able to provide hibernating process (which I usually do at least once a month) and safe sanctuary from outside stress (college stress!). My abode should be a place where I could watch great movie or curl up with a good book.

Although like all the things in life, there are a few snags to creating the perfect oasis of collegiate bliss. That’s why we use creativity people! (unfortunately, I still have to use my brain to do this thing even though it’s loaded up already with assignments and stuff).

Like most college students, I’m not made of money, subsequently I have to find inexpensive items at hypermarket (such as Carrefour) or traditional market (Pasar Baru or Balubur). And also don’t forget to find a way to to bring the big stuff (like tables or something even bigger than that) to the kostan.

Room decorating can be daunting, but it can also be a lot of fun, much like the first year of college. I can’t help you study for a chemistry or finance mid-term, but I can offer some suggestions for making your room a comfortable, stylish place. Oh yeah, this project is not yet instigate but I plan to finished it before the final exam.

Bed, Bed, Bed.

First thing first, place to sleep. My bed doubles as computer chair, couch, study area, dining table and et cetera. In addition, it is the largest piece of furniture in my kostan room. So it is crucial to pick comforter that reflects ‘your style’ (hahaha) and wont immediately show the dirt (and once-a-month-red-stain for girls)

Finding a comforter you like will also help determine the color scheme for the rest of the room. Will it be romantic pastels? Classic school colors? Vibrant floral patterns? Basic black and white?

Reversible, solid colored comforters are a good choice, because they offer twice as many design options and can be dressed up with lots of fluffy throw pillows, but patterns like leopard prints (go animal print!) or stars are fun, too.

Think Storage

Space is tight in most kostan’s room, so maximizing storage is a must. Here’s how:

• Raise the bed with cement blocks (or whatever it is that is sturdy enough to support you and the bed) to make space for extra clothes, books, laundry, luggage, or whatever else under the bed.
• Stack plastic crates in your closet, under your bed, or next to your desk. They are cheap and come in a variety of colours. An alternative to plastic crates is a wire storage system, which lets you assemble your own crates and dismantle or reorganize them later. Or buy some decorative hat boxes in varying sizes for extra storage.

• Buy closet organizers for shoes, skirts, accessories, or makeup to ensure that you will always be able to find those cute black sandals or that peach lip gloss when you need them.

• Invest in some cheap plastic hooks. Stick them to your closet door to hold a bathrobe or jacket, or find a metal towel holder for the back of your door.

The Wall = Canvas

Once you have the basics, it’s time to go crazy decorating the walls. Well, not too crazy. Check the kostan’s rules before painting, punching holes, or even using tape on the walls (lucky in my kostan mang oleh allow me to hole the wall or do whatever the things I want in my room). Or you can buy special poster adhesive at the book stores (it is called tack, I bought it in gramedia) to customize your room and avoid paying a fee for chipped paint.

Posters are the most common way to decorate, and I could found some posters at piggir jalan where you can snag some highly unusual and inexpensive finds. But posters are not the only way to go. Here are some other ideas to adorn your walls:

• Colored chalk will easily wash off most surfaces. Or use butcher paper and colored pencils. Unleash your inner artist and draw a new mural or work of art once a month or whenever you feel inspired.

• Frames are essential for holding photos of home or new friends at college. Buy them almost anywhere or create your own with a cardboard matte and glitter, buttons, feathers, beads, or any other decorative knickknacks. Or you could use funky memo holders to display favorite photos on your desk or bureau.

• Memo boards can hold a whole bunch of pictures, ticket stubs, or magazine cut-outs. Or you can use stereofoam too (but it falls of easily so becareful!)
• A laundry line is a great alternative for you to string up pictures or ticket stubs on the wall or across the room us. Or polaroid pictures for cooler effects. (Like the 347 distro wall)
• White boards on your door or in your room are handy for communicating with friends and roommates and making notes to yourself. You could keep track of your busy schedule while keeping your room great looking!
• Lights are fashionable and functional. A desk lamp for late-night studying is a necessity, but adding mini-lights strung across the room can create a more personal atmosphere (I got this idea from my friend, sandra, room) White lights will complement any décor, or choose colored lights that usually use for christmast tree.

So you get the idea. There are oodles of ways to transform your plain Jane kostan room into a vibrant reflection of your style and personality. All it takes is a few ‘lembaran 50,000’ and a little creativity. If only Corporate Finance were that simple. Below are some pictures of my room before the make over.


the desk

my messy desk
my messy desk

the shelve, should have help me to be more organize, but it’s the opposite.


the whatever it is.


The ‘after’ pictures will be upload later on.


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