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mac book her.


scamper. what is scamper? scamper is the method to develop new ideas and innovation to the product that existed. our group choose the Apple Mac Book as the product-to-be-scampered. scamper stands for substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put into other use, eliminate and rearrange. here, our group try to develop ‘mac book her’. illustrated by it’s […]

ITB implement Ivory Tower philosophy to reach the truth and knowledge for moral development. Also copy the similar idea of Science Park that Stanford University had. ITB implement and adapt what MIT and Stanford did to make the organization groth as Ideal organization. Many research centers has built in ITB follow by Business Incubator Center […]

Creativity is everywhere. And i meant it. Just open your eyes slightly wider and you should see, how such a simple thing such as a shampoo bottle contains whole loads of creativity (and innovation) in it (just look at the new design ‘clairol herbal essence’ shampoo and you’ll understand). Therefore, creativity could be put everywhere […]

I wish I had time to make a few of these. Wouldn’t these be cute to use on my next trip to the grocery store? People would probably laugh me out of the store especially with the condition of my old tees. That is a scary thought. Oh yes, I can see my fave-dark brown-live-lightly-t’s […]

Here’s the thing about Indonesian culture. Once some kind of lifestyle becomes a Hit, it does really Hit. Big time, that is. Really positive, from a certain angle and destructive, when you see it from another angle. About a month ago, we were strolling through Pondok Indah Mall on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Just like […]

“When Developing Creativity of Others Felt very Meaningful” During the last couple of classes before we have our Idul Fitri holiday, we learn that creativity in the highest stage doesn’t always means that we ourselves implement it on our daily life, but it also means that we are able to generate the creativity of others. […]

We can Create Money for Charity with Minimal Cost! Sometimes we just love to buy something because it is representing the current trend or because think that stuff is nice. However, there are a lot of times when we only use stuffs that we buy for several times and got bored with it, turns out […]