We can Create Money for Charity with Minimal Cost!

Sometimes we just love to buy something because it is representing the current trend or because think that stuff is nice. However, there are a lot of times when we only use stuffs that we buy for several times and got bored with it, turns out that those stuffs will just end up in our cabinet and we’ll even forget that we have it.
It sounds so bad isn’t it? But we just not afraid to admit that we are a group of youngsters who do that not-so-wisdom buying, ha-ha! However, we find a creative project which can minimize the outcome of this bad habit and turns it in to something that might be beneficial for other people.

We have numbers of accessories from necklaces to bracelets which we bought and some how we don’t use it anymore recently. We then use these accessories for our project called “Remake Accessories”. We basically gathered our un-used necklace and bracelets, cut them off and do an extensive mix and match of beads to create newly hand-made accessories. We just play with our creativity! We mix beads from colorful necklace with beads from black magnetic bracelet, we mix pearls with plastic beads, glass beads with silver pendant, and well we let our self create whatever we wanted to create without limitations! After that, we put these beads on a cute pouch and sell them to our friends mostly in Jakarta. We are so happy knowing that we sold the entire products and the revenue is not bad either, ha-ha! However, we then have a discussion and decide that there are other people who need the money more than we did so we decided to put the money on a charity and hope that it could bring huge benefits for who ever needs it the most. After all, we still get benefits from developing our creativity and have tons of fun during the whole process!


Recently, we had this “new addiction” to play at our kostan (most of the group live in the same place). We spend the day by reading Tarot to each other, and try to predict the future. Yea we did not actually do this for serious, we just playing around but sometimes there is a certain card that true representing our feelings or condition.

The tarot (also known as tarocchi, tarock or similar names) is typically a set of seventy-eight cards, comprised of twenty-one trump cards, one Fool, and four suits of fourteen cards each—ten pip and four face cards (one more face card per suit than in Anglo-American playing cards).Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play Tarot card games such as Italian Tarocchini and French Tarot.] In English-speaking countries, where the games are largely unknown, Tarot cards are utilized primarily for divinatory purposes, with the trump cards plus the Fool card making up the twenty-two major arcana cards and the pip and four face cards the fifty-six. (Wikipedia.com)

Here is sample of Tarot cards that we used:

Playing cards firstly entered Europe in the late 14th century with the Mamelukes of Egypt, with suits very similar to the basic Latin suits of swords, staves, cups and coins (which also knows as disks or pentacles), that are still widely used in traditional Italian and Spanish decks.

Although there are quite a number of alternative theories on the origin of Tarot, current evidence seems to indicate that the first decks were created between 1410 and 1430 in either Milan, Ferrara, or Bologna, in northern Italy, when additional trump cards with allegorical illustrations were added to the more common four suit decks that already existed. These new decks were originally called carte da trionfi, triumph cards, and the additional cards known simply as trionfi, which evolved into the word “trumps” in common English. The first literary evidence of the existence of carte da trionfi is a written statement in the court records in Ferrara, in 1442. The oldest surviving Tarot cards are from fifteen fragmented decks painted in the mid 15th century for the Visconti-Sforza family, the rulers of Milan.

Tarot reading itself have several ways or techniques to perform. We could choose which one is appropriate and suit our needs best. It is basically a free choosing!


So, earlier today after a boring day and night of campus life our group decided to watch movie in PVJ. After we arrived there, there are two options of movie that interest us which are Laskar Pelangi and Cinta Setaman since we are lack of addiction in children movie, we decided tp watch the other option. In short, we bought ickets at 11.45 pm and have dinner first.

……..Few hours later we entered the theater room in Blitz Megaplex and suprise because seems we’re the only audience there. It was so funny because the movie contains numbers of actor/actress that have a good quality. Well, we just sat there and hope the movie is as good as it seen….

About Cinta Setaman….

Jenis Film

– Drama

– Nicholas Saputra, Slamet Rahardjo, Jajang C. Noer, Ria Irawan, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Inul Daratista, Richard Oh, Marsha Timothy

– Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

– Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

– Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

– Vandea Pictures


Film ini mengisahkan 8 cerita yaitu, kisah anak kecil yang selalu bekerja keras seharian demi hanya sebotol air bersih dan sepasang sepatu roda, kisah kakak beradik penjual dvd bajakan yang mulai berseteru lantaran sang adik mulai keranjingan minum kopi starbucks, kisah anak seorang psk yang mulai terpikat dengan sorang lelaki namun lelaki itu guru PMP nya, kisah orang Jepang yang haus mencari cinta sejati dan bertemu seorang gadis pemandu karaoke, kisah seorang sutradara televisi, yang bergaji kecilmencari pelepasan dari tekanan isteri dan atasan kantornya, Kisah seorang ibu kepala sekolah taman kanak-kanak yang berusaha menjalani kaidah Islam yang di yakininya di tengah-tengah segala himpitan hal-hal duniawi, kisah mantan supir dari sorang asing yang justru punya masalah besar setelah ia menerima hadiah berharga kenang-kenangan dari sang boss, Kisah seorang wanita pedagang kain, yang saat impian hidupnya naik haji bisa di topang oleh sang anak satu-satunya, ia malah menemukan sebuah kenyataan lain…


Film yang berjudul ‘Cinta Setaman’ merupakan sbeuah film bergenre drama garapan sutradara Harry Dagoe.

Jika dilihat secara keseluruhan tujuan dari film ini, sang sutradara telah berhasil merangkai bermacam-macam arti cinta, dengan genre drama Harry Dagoe pun telah membuat penontonnya terbawa untuk mendalami luasnya hati manusia.

Selain itu, film tersebut juga banyak memberikan pesan kepada penontonnya. Dalam hal ini sang sutradara mencoba memberikan adegan-adegan sebagai sebuah cermin bagi manusia tentang arti sebuah cinta.

Harry Dagoe mencoba memberikan gambaran berupa catatan-catatan kecil yang ada dilingkungan sekitarnya mengenai arti sebuah cinta.

Meski demikian, film memiliki kemiripan dengan film yang terlebih dahulu rilis, dengan judul ‘Love’. Dalam film itu juga, menampilkan arti cinta dari berbagai sudut pandang manusia.

Sementara dalam film ini, Harry Dagoe membuatnya terbagi dalam delapan cerita yang berdiri sendiri. Namun, pada penutup film, Sutradara mencoba menyatukan delapan bagian cerita tersebut kedalam satu rangkaian scene. Disinilah sutradara tak berhasil merangkainya dengan baik. Karena ada beberapa bagian yang berdiri sendiri tak menyatu dalam sebuah penutup.

Curious about the movie???? Why don’t you watch it and feed our post with comments???

Cheers. Kreasiinovatif group.

Source : Indonesiaselebriti.com

innovating. to create something new. improvements.

something to make our life better.


back then, a person created pencil (i’ll find out later who the person is).


pencil in the early days.

pencil in the early days.




pencil nowadays. with eraser on top.

pencil nowadays. with eraser on top.


pencil now comes with eraser on top.


seems like a such tiny change. but look at the result. isn’t it marvelous?

admit it, people makes mistakes. that’s why the eraser on top of the pencil will help us a LOT when we write something with a pencil. yes, eraser could be use separately, but by putting the small eraser on top of the pencil, we saves more time (that usually use to find the eraser, and i always lost mine) to do the writing.

big improvement sometimes comes in a small package. consequently, don’t hesitate to make a change. to innovate. because it may turn your life 100% better than before.