project #1: Remake Accessories


We can Create Money for Charity with Minimal Cost!

Sometimes we just love to buy something because it is representing the current trend or because think that stuff is nice. However, there are a lot of times when we only use stuffs that we buy for several times and got bored with it, turns out that those stuffs will just end up in our cabinet and we’ll even forget that we have it.
It sounds so bad isn’t it? But we just not afraid to admit that we are a group of youngsters who do that not-so-wisdom buying, ha-ha! However, we find a creative project which can minimize the outcome of this bad habit and turns it in to something that might be beneficial for other people.

We have numbers of accessories from necklaces to bracelets which we bought and some how we don’t use it anymore recently. We then use these accessories for our project called “Remake Accessories”. We basically gathered our un-used necklace and bracelets, cut them off and do an extensive mix and match of beads to create newly hand-made accessories. We just play with our creativity! We mix beads from colorful necklace with beads from black magnetic bracelet, we mix pearls with plastic beads, glass beads with silver pendant, and well we let our self create whatever we wanted to create without limitations! After that, we put these beads on a cute pouch and sell them to our friends mostly in Jakarta. We are so happy knowing that we sold the entire products and the revenue is not bad either, ha-ha! However, we then have a discussion and decide that there are other people who need the money more than we did so we decided to put the money on a charity and hope that it could bring huge benefits for who ever needs it the most. After all, we still get benefits from developing our creativity and have tons of fun during the whole process!


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