project #2: Menjadi Pintar dan Kreatif dengan Buku


“When Developing Creativity of Others Felt very Meaningful”

During the last couple of classes before we have our Idul Fitri holiday, we learn that creativity in the highest stage doesn’t always means that we ourselves implement it on our daily life, but it also means that we are able to generate the creativity of others. After finishing those classes, our teams tried to generate ideas for our creativity and innovation project which will be perform by us during the holiday.

We realize that it will be great if we can help other people develop their creativity using our project. Therefore, we will implement creativity by doing the project but we will also help others to expand their imagination. It was the month of Ramadan so we thought about doing a social project and since all of us love children, we decided to do social projects for unfortunate children in rural area.

We chose Ciwidey and Satoe Indonesia’s Rumah Pintar as our project location and our project is called “Menjadi Pintar dan Kreatif dengan Buku”. What we do is basically collecting books from our home which we are willing to give for these children. The type of books are fun learning educational books about science and art where there are a lot of educational information delivered in attractive pictures so that children will be attracted to learn using it. We also gave books about how to create paintings, stuffs from recycle paper, and even how to create magic tricks. We hope that these books can help those children to explore their imagination and creativity with tons of fun surrounding the process.

We went to Ciwidey a week before the school started and as soon as we put the books in Rumah Pintar, all of the children were so excited to read and learn from it. We even read a couple of books for them. What we really learn about this whole experience is that by emerging the creativity of others (especially unfortunate people), we do not only make them happy and grow but we can also feel a “touchy feeling” which for us was very precious and meaningful. We would certainly love to do this kind of project in the future and we could not wait to start our next project on selling our hand-made remake accessories and because of this project we were thinking about giving away all of the revenue for child-related charity.


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